Professional Starter Kit Useful tools

Comprehensive starter kit in a high-quality plastic case


    • Always have the essentials with you
    • Includes:
      • 1x seam roller
      • 1x professional knife in holster
      • 1x wiping blade with aluminium bar
      • 1x double-leaf scraper, stainless
      • 1x chalk-line dyer
      • 10x sanding mesh
      • 1x fitter's hammer
      • 1x sponge 
      • 1x Silifix 
      • 1x voltage tester
      • 1x steel wire brush
      • 1x plasterer's tool
      • 1x plasterer's scraper, stainless steel
      • 1x ProfiCut wallpaper scissors
      • 1x wallpaper scraper
      • 10x trapezoidal blades
      • 1 set carpenter's pencil, set of 3 pcs.
      • 1x plastic case
      • 10x snap-off blades
      • 10x snap-off blades
      • 1x snap-off knife
      • 1x snap-off knife, small
      • 1x Allway scraper
      • 1x pressure roller, soft
      • 1x builder's key
      • 1x glass cleaner
      • 1x smoothing trowel, stainless
      • 1x rubber plaster mixing cup
      • 10 hooked blades
      • 1x manual pressure gun
      • 1x hand sander
      • 1x household saw
      • 1x wooden folding ruler
      • 1x surface scraper, stainless
      • 1x carpenter's pincers
      • 1x paint scraper
      • 1x painter's dust brush, light
      • 1x work gloves
      • 1x seam roller


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