Roll and Go Tray Applying paint

The Roll and Go Tray makes it easy to do little paint jobs with a brush and paint roller

    Additional info

    • Liner not included


    • The angled rolling surface means the paint is perfectly distributed on the paint roller and excess paint flows back into the reservoir
    • The sturdy paint container is heavier than most conventional paint containers, so you can hold it securely
    • The container and the matching disposable liners are made of 100% recycled plastic
    • The single-use liners cover both compartments, speeding up work and clean-up.


      Technical data

      Ordering information

      Article Shipping unit
      Roll and Go Tray size 12 21571
      Piece :
      Roll and Go Tray size 25 21578
      Piece :
      Roll and Go Tray, insert 12/pack of 5 21577
      Piece :
      Roll and Go Tray, insert 25/pack of 5 21579
      Piece :

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