Short Polyamide Paint Roller Performance Line Applying paint

Paint roller cover made of high-quality polyamide filament yarn


    • The winner for durability
    • Area of application: For smooth and slightly textured substrates
    • Applications: Dispersion-based paint, latex paint, bonding and priming paint, plaster primer, pigmented brush-on plaster, roller plaster, roller filler, plastic decorative coatings, priming varnish/primer and 1-component/2-component coatings
    • Properties: Lint-free, easy to clean


      Technical data

      Ordering information

      Article Shipping unit
      Short Polyamide Paint Roller, 18 Cm/12 Mm Performance Line 169067
      Piece :
      Short Polyamide Paint Roller, 25 Cm/12 Mm Performance Line 168931
      Piece :
      Small Polyamide Roller, 10 Cm/10 Mm Performance Line 168952
      Piece :
      Small Polyamide Roller, 15 Cm/12 Mm Performance Line 168953
      Piece :

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